mboat full This page is meant to redirect the reader to designers' sites which showcase various ideas about modern M-Boat design, including possible hull forms, keel or rudder designs, rigs, sail plans, interior arrangements and deck layouts, or about possible construction concepts.

Fladlien & Associates is continuing their design development program, which includes all aspects of a design, and the link below takes the reader to the Fladlien & Associates web site, where regretably we'll have to ask you to accept the Terms of Use (a Circuit Court of Appeals mandated action in our geographical location), but which will then give you a view not only of arrangements and layouts, but also of some possible hull lines plans.

We fully realize that, like Fladlien & Associates, other designers will not want to publish their fastest potential boats, but we hope that, in time, some other designers will work on developing a good design, and might be willing to publish some of their early development examples, as has Fladlien & Associates.

We offer any designer so inclined a link to his/her site here, asking only that certain minimal decorum standards be met (which every major designer's web site we have seen already meets). If you are a designer seriously interested in or pursuing the design of a modern M-Boat, and would like a link to your work on this page, please contact us as indicated on the CONTACT page of this site.

Thank you.